Are a Black Forest Future Punk Duo Sensation. An  intense and energetic piece of modern Noise-Rock. Weird electronics permeate what is otherwise a tight, weirdly paranoid fast underground guitar rock album

Having no constraints, except exploring their own sound and to evolve it with newly added loops and synth sounds, YASS emerged further on to its current state of affairs: driving-blistering guitar sound, heavy pounding beats, combined with dark and pulsating synthesizer-loops!  A perfectly symbiotic mix of Noise-Rock and Cyber-Punk with pulsating beats. Spectacular and furious! References? LIGHTNING BOLT, FRONT 242, VAZ, (early) DAF, TRANS AM, CHROME, SIX FINGER SATELLITE……………..  Maybe all of this, yet a sound of its own!


“No other band has sounded like this before!” (OX Fanzine)