“Feel my anger, feel what it’s like and don’t fuckin’ forget it.”

Sediment Club sind der wichtigste Vertreter der No Wave Wiederbelebung. Inspiriert von der New Yorker Szene der 80er Jahre. Inspiriert von Künstlern wie Arto Lindsay und seine Band DNA, Lydia Lunch, James Chance and the Contortions, Richard Hell and the Voidoids. 

Panischer Gesang, kreischender Wahnsinn und eine Gitarre wie ein Maschinengewehr die jeden Ton zackig in seinem Kern verhaftet.  Ein Kratzen und quietschen, ein Bass der herumschlittert wie ein betäubtes Tier. Sediment Club versprühen eine giftige Energie. Das beste was wir seit Ewigkeiten gehört haben. 

Sediment Club

About The Band

The Sediment Club, originally from New York City, now spread out across the Northeast, was formed in 2008 by Austin Sley-Julian. Soon after Austin enlisted keyboardist Amina Oliveros and bassist Lazar Bozic (whom Austin had met after attempting to strangle during a show). Jackie McDermott joined as drummer in 2009. The Sediment Club released their self-titeld EP in February 2010 on Soft Spot records. In 2011 Sediment Club split ways with Oliveros and reformed as a trio. Since then The Sediment Club has had a number of releases, been featured on several compilations, and toured frequently throughout the country, performing along side other New York/New England acts such as Bush Tetras, Black Pus, Cottaging, Guerilla Toss, Palberta, etc.


Let’s be real, they called me a loon and my honesty is a smear. Pre-excused decisions: the corner is marked; seething rain burns through a silver diatribe; terminal remnants gather. Protect me from devils, must be dancing, in the tank a past ally wakes the mummy bog. 15 years and I was raised – hunger grows a bland palate. Washed out jaded trendsetters, with the right rhetoric, indistinguishable. Psychosymplastic was conceived, written, rehearsed, toured and recorded in 2014.